Cristy Corporation is a leader in the Fuel Additive Industry, not only from years of countless laboratory tests, but from years of unmatched performance in millions of cars.

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Cristy pioneered the idea of a gasoline system antifreeze and developed the product known as DRYGAS® in 1942. In fact, the name DRYGAS® is a Cristy trademark. Cristy is the original and only DRYGAS®! It created the market for all gasoline system antifreezes.

The idea for Cristy DRYGAS®, the gas line antifreeze, was born on a bus between Boston and Worcester.

On a cold winter’s night in 1942, a salesman for a Worcester retail store was riding in a bus along Route 9 to Boston when suddenly the bus came to a stop for no apparent reason. Asked the nature of the trouble by perplexed passengers, the bus driver explained that the sub-freezing temperatures had caused the gas line to clog.

The Worcester salesman, unable to understand why a modern vehicle should be crippled by a trouble so seemingly unnecessary, made further inquiry. He learned that the difficulty was due to condensation that had frozen the gas line … also that no corrective solution existed for this frequent and troublesome motor problem.

Quintin J. Cristy—for that was the salesman’s name—immediately realized that a tremendous market awaited the development of a remedy. By the time he reached Boston that night he had made up his mind to discover that remedy. He began the very next day by leaving his own car out in the cold until the gas line froze; then he had it towed to a garage where he asked the mechanic what was wrong.

This Mr. Cristy did six times, each time taking his car to a different garage and a different mechanic. Six different opinions were given him as to what should be done to remedy the trouble. By this process Mr. Cristy satisfied himself that no one really knew the answer.

While continuing to work at his regular job with the Worcester store, he began spending his every evening, as well as his lunch hours, experimenting with chemicals, although when he started he had absolutely no knowledge of chemistry. Frequently he worked until tow or three o’clock in the morning. Nor was he discouraged when professional chemists told him that it was impossible to stop the freezing of gas lines by chemicals.

Then one day many long months later, to the embarrassment and chagrin of the mechanics and chemists, Quintin J. Cristy came up with the “impossible” solution. He named it Cristy DRYGAS® and promptly place it on the wide open market.

In due course the Cristy Corporation was formed with headquarters in Worcester and its founder embarked on a national advertising program coupled with an intense distribution effort.

Since the introduction of the original DRYGAS®, Cristy Corporation has developed a line of related products and has established itself as a national leader in the automotive chemical field.

DRYGAS® is a trademark of Cristy Corporation • 260 Authority Drive, Fitchburg, MA 01420 • 978-343-4330